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Dear Exam Day Staff

Please note that this training course is still valid, but please speak to your exam centre regarding the COVID-19 additional guidelines they have put in place for social distancing, hygiene etc. In addition, you may have some problems with accessing the certificate for completing the modules. This issue will be fixed when we move this course to a new platform, and we will inform your exam centres of this. In the meantime, please contact your exam centre for any certificate issues.

Best wishes
Centre Management, Cambridge Assessment English

On this website, you will find a variety of e-learning modules and downloadable resources which will help you administer a Cambridge English exam correctly.

The modules are designed to be taken in order, starting with Preparing for an exam. If you have questions about any of the regulations mentioned in the modules, or if you are unsure about certain aspects of exam administration, please contact your Centre Exams Manager, who can provide you with support and correct documentation.

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